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Mark Maisel

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Troy, I was in there the other day asking about my Asko T700 dryer and you took a great deal of time with me, doing research. You also had a technician call me with advice. Please share my thanks with him as his suggestion appears to have me back in action.

He told me there is a rubber covered button on the back of the unit that resets a relay for the heating unit. When I described the front panel button behavior, he suggested it may also need replacement. I pulled the dryer out so I could get at the reset, pressed it, and then fired up the dryer for 15 minutes. The front button worked fine, and the dryer turned & got hot. So far, so good.

Normally, when I make non-trivial purchases, more than $50, I aggressively pursue price since so few places really offer good service any more. I make exception with ya’ll at Sewell. I don’t even look at anyone else. Knowing I can walk in or call, and be sure of getting honest, informed advice and guidance, and top quality appliances takes a lot off my shoulders so I happily return to you again and again.

I still intend to visit Lyanne to talk about eventual replacement of my elderly washer & dryer, though I hope to forestall that day as long as possible.

Thanks again and have a great weekend! If it will help you or the company, feel free to share this note as you see fit.

Andy, I wanted to let you know how impressed and appreciative I am to Eddie. My washer petered out and as a single mom with a teenage daughter, I was under the gun to find something quickly that met all of my requirements (i.e. solid quality with a few extra features). My existing set lasted […]

- Susan Nickles
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